Canine (K9) Bed Bug Inspections: How it Works

As the bed bugs are spreading and increasing, there are many methods, techniques, and procedures that we have not only to eradicate the persistent pests but to detect them in very small numbers.

Recently the bed bug detection dogs are used for detecting the pests. These detection dogs quickly became a high demand in many areas of the country. You can also hire professional bed bug detection canines services to get rid of bed bugs.

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Bed bug dog inspection is only half of the team. The other half is a human handler who train and guide them, read their body language and maintain their daily training.

However, dogs have strong points into the sense of smell, efficiency and the ability to quickly work. The handler has the eye and brain surgery.

There should be an indication of the activity of the bed bug dog handler job is to verify the location. This is done through visual confirmation of each place the dog shows and other public areas where lice are usually located.

A bed bug inspection dog is not required in all cases. If the infestation can be easily found visually then obviously there is no reason to employ a team of detection.

Bed bugs canine team is best used for a very light infestation that is very difficult to detect visually, to confirm/deny reports of bedbug activity and to check the location to ensure effective treatment.

One way to ensure the detection team you will be hiring is trained properly and also confirming that the dog has been certified by the bed bug dog certification guidelines.