Men’s Robe – Consider Your Lifestyle

When buying a men's robe, you should consider the fabric first, and then the style. Each fabric offers its own level of warmth, durability, modesty, and function. Some choices are Terry, Velour, Satin, Broadcloth, and Fleece.

Cotton is commonly used in a lot of these materials because of its feel, washability, and flexibility. Style depends on why and where you will be wearing your robe. You can search online of you want to purchase hooded robe for men.

Your lifestyle and health concerns will determine which material is right for you. Some men feel warm very easily, and only prefer lightweight material such as a 100% cotton waffle design. Seersucker is a popular choice for spring, summer and warm climates; the way the cotton is woven, it holds the material away from the skin, allowing heat to dissipate.

If warmth is an important criterion, consider Fleece, Broadcloth, or Flannel. Flannel is a common winter choice. It is slightly napped, made from cotton and very soft. It wicks away moisture and leaves you dry and warm. Microfleece is also very popular because it's light but feels like a blanket. Broadcloth, another warm choice, is a dense weave, sometimes made out of wool.

If you seek luxury or romance, a higher-end material like worsted Cashmere might be your taste. Cashmere has natural insulation and will keep you warm when it's cold and cool when it's hot. Style is very subjective to taste, but there are also practical factors to consider.