How Remapping Or Tuning The ECU Brings Out The Best In Your Car?

Let's say you want to drive a car with extra power or possibly a van that travels further on the tank of fuel. You can visit the nearest dealership to verify the latest Audi, BMW, or Mercedes transports.

Or maybe you take one quite an easy key to improving the car that you currently have. Remapping or tuning the engine control unit (ECU) is certainly an ever more popular selection for drivers who would like to update their vehicles at a fair price. Read this article to know about ECU tuning or remapping.

The ECU engine control unit contains many different maps (applications ) that control all aspects of fuel combustion and motor operation. Remapping the ECU involves changing the maps — carefully, with wonderful precision — to gain more power from the engine and optimize vehicle performance.

But where does the excess power originate from? The funny thing is, it has experienced the engine along. Carmakers routinely tune their engines to restrict power output. 1 reason behind this is to be certain that their vehicles will operate reliably in extreme climates as well as in places where gas quality is poor.

Limiting engine power also provides certain commercial benefits for carmakers. By way of instance, they can offer buyers a simple level model using a reasonably powered engine.

Chances are that they can tune the motor for greater BHP and torque and then sell the same car being a more expensive upgraded version. A bit sneaky — but you can do precisely the same thing. You're able to tune the motor in your vehicle for additional power, by simply remapping the ECU.