There are many benefits of seafood has on the body. Every day, researchers are pouring out new evidence confirming the healthy rewards of a seafood rich diet: better skin, increased memory, and even smarter babies.

With all this valuable information about the health benefits of seafood, most consumers are not aware of the various qualities of the seafood they are buying. You can also hop over to this website to get the best seafood in Sydney.

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Until recently, it was difficult to find high quality seafood in many parts of the country unless it was shipped directly from the other countries. Compared to other processed seafood, fresh seafood is generally considered by consumers to be the highest quality product available.

The use of misleading terms and phrases by many in the seafood industry has mistakenly led many consumers to believe that fresh seafood is actually synonymous with high quality. In the fishing industry, the word “fresh” specifically refers to products that have never been frozen; there is absolutely no idea about the actual quality of this product or its "freshness".

The truth is that fresh seafood is rarely the best quality product available. Only when consumers are close to the source during the fishing season can high quality fresh marine fish be found. This is because once seafood is collected, it begins to decompose slowly and continuously and continues throughout the transportation process.  That is why you should try to choose reliable food supplier to get the frozen and fresh seafood in Sydney.