Cell phone screens are made to last, with very few exceptions. Like other small electronic devices, they are easily dropped, broken, or taken out of your pocket. Many people just want a new phone. What if they just bought a new iPhone or Blackberry? They might not be able to afford a new phone, but they only need a screen.

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Today, there are three options available to cell phone users.

This applies only to phones that are still under warranty. An extended warranty on cell phones is always a good deal because you can take your phone to a local shop and have it fixed free of charge.

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Next, visit one of the many technology blogs. They provide detailed instructions on how to replace your phone's screen. These guides will provide photos as well as a list of any tools that you might need.

Another option is the internet. There are many places that can repair your phone for a reasonable cost, even if you don't have a warranty. Although it may not be the most pleasant way to feel, your phone can still function even if its screen is cracked. A shop that has been in business for at least one year should be able to repair your phone.

Make sure to delete any SD cards from your phone. This will ensure that your personal data and photos are protected.