Brisbane organic food

While organic food has some predefined standards for quality maintenance, there’s no such definition for the ones grown locally. The latter could be coming from a particular community, a state, region, or even a specific country. However, most of the locally-grown food is grown at the farmer’s market or another place close to your home.

Besides growth patterns, there are some other differences between the two, as discussed below:

  • Financial: There’s a massive economic difference in the way finances move across local and organic food markets. For locally grown foods, the money stays within the local community. Plus, most funds go directly to the farmer instead of investment in distribution and marketing.
  • Freshness: Locally grown food is harvested and sold when ripe. Hence, it is full of flavor and freshness, which could be higher compared to organic foods.
  • Transportation: Every food item has to travel a specific distance from the ground where it is grown to the plate. This distance decides whether the food should be picked unripe and left to ripen during the transport. The one grown locally doesn’t need to go through processing and preservation due to a shorter distance.

Buy Organic Food Grown Locally

While local food brings financial and freshness benefits to the table, the organic approach ensures nutritional standards are in place. Besides, organic foods don’t involve the use of any pesticides while reducing risks of certain diseases. Thus, if you can find organic food in Brisbane from a local farmer’s market, that might be the best deal for your health and the local community.