Paracord 550 is made of nylon kernmantle. This is the most popular parachute cord. It has a breaking strength of 550 pounds. It was first used by the US military for parachutes. They also used it to repair and replace damaged boot laces and straps in the field.

Paracord military-grade 550 has 32-strand braided paracord with seven 3-strand inner yarns. Paracord that is sold in large quantities usually has seven inner yarns, or two strands and seven inner yarns. In the 1970s, whipmakers loved the 550 nylon rope and it continues to be popular today.

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Paracord is used by outdoor climbers and covers for rope rescues. Paracord is also used by hunters to make different straps, pouches and tie nets. Craftsmen use paracord to make paracord figures, bracelets and belts as well as dog collars and leashes, key chains and trivets. All of these items use at least one knot.

Survival bracelets are a popular choice for both craftsmen and outdoorsmen. You make the bracelet by weaving several feet together with knots. The bracelet can be untied in an emergency and a paracord can be used for attaching poles to make a shelter.

Paracord was once limited to military use and only in certain colors. Paracord can now be purchased from many online retailers in multiple colors and patterns.