Using scented candles to add a little luxury is the best way to reward yourself, make your friends welcome, or add that extra touch to an occasion. It is important to choose the candle base carefully so that you can enjoy using your candle.

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Some ways you can use your candle are:

a. Relaxing soak in your bathroom

b. De-stressing in your living room

c. Setting the mood in your bedroom

d. Welcoming friends

e. Making work pleasurable

f. First impressions

g. To get the party started

1. Relaxing soak

Soak for 45 minutes, paint the bath with your favorite scent over the bubble bath or scented bath oil, light a candle with your favorite scent and place it in the corner of your bathroom.

2. Stress-free

In the evening after a long day, take an hour, turn on the phone, play your favorite music, turn off the lights and light a candle with your favorite fragrance or essential oil and relax on your favorite couch.

3. Mood adjustment

Create a sensual atmosphere in your bedroom, light a candle with your favorite scent while getting ready for bed.

4. Welcoming guests for dinner

An hour before your guests arrive, light a candle with a warm and welcoming scent, light a similar soft scent in your living room or in any room they chat and drink while waiting for dinner Finally, light a soft scent in the dining room of a room that matches the food What you are serving, for example, rich exotic dishes may require a fruity-flower flavor while Chinese dishes require an oriental flavor.