When it comes to the kitchen, we often invest in expensive appliances like microwave, OTG, fridge, or a grinder. The past 10 years have seen a great change in the buying behavior of Indian consumers.

As our buying power improved. We have started to invest in new appliances like cooktop, chimney, food processor, or even a dishwasher. To know about cosmo gas range visit https://www.americabestappliances.com/collections/gas-ranges

These modern electronics are helpful many times but, really look like a luxury at the other. A glass cooktop is the latest hit on the Indian market. But, it is not as sturdy as the classic gas stoves. What is so special about it?

Why do we need a cooktop?

Aesthetically pleasing

Cooktops are aesthetically pleasing, you don't want an expert to tell you this. But, of course, this is the first thing that attracts us. A new modular kitchen would really look awesome with an inbuilt cooktop.

We need a chimney

Almost all the modular kitchen needs an electric chimney. These chimneys are sold with a great saving combo offer along with a cooktop. These combo offers to look so appealing that we end up buying it.

Four burners

Cooktops have four or even five burners that are essential while we cook for everyone in the morning. So, this is the selling point of cooktops.

Automatic ignition

This is another key feature of cooktops that makes it almost irresistible for buyers. You do not need a matchstick or a lighter. This improves the functioning and also saves gas.

Cons of using a cooktop

Maintenance is the most difficult thing when it comes to a cooktop. These cooktops come with a glass top, so one should be very careful with cleaning it.