These fans come in many different shapes and different sizes to meet all the needs of the industry. They can be purchased fully assembled, or ordered and tailored to suit specific needs.

There are only two basic types of industrial fans: Centrifugal fans and axial fans are widely used in Industries. You want to know more about axial and centrifugal fans, Visit it is also known asแฟนแกนและแรงเหวี่ยงเยี่ยมชม in the Thai language).

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Axial Fans: Axial fans are generally used where the main requirement is the heavy airflow. These types of fans are most likely to see and have been installed by the builder or electricity if you ask them to adjust to your fans.

By design, the axial fan does not address the long walk from the channel because they do not have the pressure required to push the long-range air and reach a stall condition where the air in the duct no longer moves.

Application of Axial Fan

  • General applications include power generation, environmental protection, and high-speed locomotives.

Centrifugal fans: This fan is a little different from the axial fan. Centrifugal fans extract the air at right angles to the intake fan and air rotates outwards to the outlet by deflection and centrifugal force. Rotating impeller, fan inlet air causing close and move the perpendicular axis of the shaft to the opening in the fan casing.

Application of Centrifugal Fan

  • They are commonly used in the automotive, building ventilation systems and central heating systems.
  • There is a wide range of centrifugal fans available for purchase or rent.

Centrifugal fans are usually cheaper than axial fans because they are easier to produce. axial fans, when used as intended will give excellent results with minimal noise, but the centrifugal fans achieve a greater distance, but it will generate more noise in operation.