Thumb sucking is cute and can be a great self-soother for children, but as they get older it can interfere with their speech development, cause orthodontic issues, lead to bullying and increase the risk and spread of illness. Breaking the habit can be hard, but here are six products that might just do the trick.

You can also buy thumb sucking gloves from the amazon Canada website in order to stop thumb sucking.

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1. Thumb Guard

This plastic shield worn over the child’s thumb and held in place with a bracelet is designed to stop the suck motion from happening when they pop their thumb in their mouth and therefore takes away the pleasure from the activity. Made from BPA and phthalate-free plastic, it claims to stop thumb sucking in less than four weeks with most parents seeing results after just one. It comes in three sizes with 30 different colored bracelets so kids can mix it up daily, plus includes a reward chart and stickers.

2. Mavala Stop

Designed for children aged three and up, this clear enamel is put over the thumb or nails to prevent sucking or biting thanks to its bitter, yet harmless taste. Needs to be reapplied every two days, with the original layer removed prior to nail polish remover. The reason it’s not recommended for kids under three is that their taste buds aren’t developed properly yet and they might get used to the taste.