Email marketing services are a peculiar thing: you have to treat them right if they are going to perform well for you. Historically your customers have been conditioned to distrust email marketing – although yours is perfectly genuine, so many have been scammed so many times that the whole business can be seen as a bit of risk.

Fortunately, current marketing technology has skewed that picture to make the idea of email marketing services in Houston more choice-driven – and so more attractive to a prospective customer. In Houston, email marketing services can now be targeted to customers who have consented or even asked that their email addresses be on your contact list – which means you are able to create the campaign that fits the customer profile.

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In Houston, using email advertising is a part of a three-pronged assault. The best campaigns are backed up by what is known as triple impact – hitting your target audience with SMS, email, and social networking to deliver a message that acts like the messages they would get from friends and social network buddies.

Trumpia's email marketing services work with the multi-tasking habits of the modern audience to do exactly that. You're not necessarily sending an advertorial email – you might be sending a social media update, which pops up in the customers' mail inbox as well as on their mobile phone.

The versatile nature of Trumpia's email marketing services also makes it easy for you to send your advertorials from anywhere in the world – and from any device. The whole thing is backed up by a centralized software hub that controls all the messages going out – so all you need to do is nominate devices that are synchronized with that hub.