Many people were released in late 2008 and early 2009. Many of those affected were unable to find work and became unemployed.  Our focus here is on helping those who have attended truck driving school find great jobs as truck drivers.

It should be noted here that not all truck jobs are created equal. Many freight companies exceeded their promised deliveries and were inadequate.  If you are looking for the best trucking jobs then you may apply now to step up your career.

How to find a great job driving trucks

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Especially when it comes to load and total miles are given to the driver. This can lead to a big difference in the driver's salary. Here we want to show you what will be important to you in your new career.

Let's discuss the problem of driver payment. Just as statistical information can be designed to highlight something in a positive light; so can the driver pay?

For example, if a carrier offers to pay you $ 0.32 per mile and gives you 2,200 miles per week, you're doing less than starting a carrier that costs just $ 0.26 per mile and gives you $ 2,900.

To pay the driver, look at your NET check amount, not your salary per mile. Ask an experienced truck driver and he will tell you that the truck is all about miles.

Another topic that will help you land a good job with trucks is the type of equipment you drive. Your truck is your tool and your home too. Some porters change equipment more frequently than others.

At work, ask how often the fleet is replaced. Newer trucks may be more economical and have less wear damage. There is nothing worse for a truck driver than living in a small town and waiting for a simple repair.