1. Naming

Make creative, professional, internet name of your start-up is a complicated task. Internet start-ups often do not have the resources to pay for professional naming services. Employers are turning to crowdsourcing to complete this task. Websites like NamingForce.com offers crowdsourcing naming contest which can result in hundreds or thousands of potential names.  

2. Funding

The idea of cooperative crowdfunding explode online. Every week we see some new crowdfunding sites are launched. Although there are dozens of popular crowdfunding website, one of the most interesting is KickStarter.com. Kickstarter allows entrepreneurs to pitch their products or services to the public in order to generate interest and funding.  

3. Logos

For a few hundred dollars you can get a logo for your new business. Although most of the entries were not as good as you might get from a traditional design agency, they can often good enough to get you through your first few years.

4. Testing and Review

You both can crowdsource your website testing as well as the overall concept and design through two different services. Before you go live you can get feedback from the crowd through ConceptFeedback.com design.

5. Launching and Marketing

One of the most expensive task for any new start-up would be their initial marketing of a product or service. It takes a lot of work, and often luck, prior to start-ups can go viral and receiving visitors valuable free. Crowdsourcing can be used to help with start-up of this task as well.