Today, dental implants are mostly made of titanium. They are surgically placed in the jaw to replace the tooth and its roots. In addition, implants can replace more of the tooth structure. They also support the surrounding teeth. Implanted in the jaw, they wear a variety of other prostheses such as crowns, bridges, and dentures. To know more about orthodontist in Round Lake, you can check various online sources.

Dental Implant Procedure: Dental patients may find that there is a lot of preparation to be done before the implant procedure. The oral surgeon must determine the exact location, shape, and structure of the jaw and mouth

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Once the planning is complete, the oral surgeon can begin the actual procedure. It is necessary to make an incision in the gum above where the implant will be placed.

The implant is inserted without any other permanent decoration. It should be given time to grow into a natural bone and sit firmly. The dentist can then place a crown or other prosthesis on the implant.

Dental Implant Restoration:  It usually takes two to four months to heal before adding a prosthetic load, or four to six months if a bone graft is needed. In certain cases, provisional can be made on the day of implantation, if necessary, taking into account certain clinical criteria.

Implants usually have a high success rate, although this depends on the type of procedure required and the skill of the surgeon performing the dental implant. For this reason, choosing the right dentist to perform this procedure is very important.