Soy sauce is one the oldest condiments on the planet. It is believed that soy sauce originated in China's Western Han Dynasty, more than 2,500 years ago. This was a result of fermented wheat and soybeans mixed with brine.

There are many types of soy sauces. However, most of them share the same manufacturing process. Yuzu shoyu  is the best soy sauce among all.

Yuzu soy sauce

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Usukuchi Shoyu (Light Soy Sauce)

They are lighter than their richer, darker counterparts. However, they have a stronger, saltier flavor and a slightly sweeter and acidic taste. This can be due to the brewing process, or more commonly from adding sugars such as mirin, sweet rice wine, corn syrup, or vinegar. Usukuchi is most commonly found in Japan's Southern Kansai. 

Yuzu Soy Sauce

The taste of yuzu soy sauce is similar to that of grapefruit. However, it has a tart, fragrant flavor with overtones of mandarin orange. It is an essential ingredient in the citrus-based sauce Ponzu and yuzu Vinegar

A delicious combination of freshly squeezed yuzu juice and premium quality soy sauce made from whole soybeans aged in cedar casks. The skilled craftsmen of the Yugeta family carefully combine umami and citrus using the powerful aroma of yuzu with the rich depth of authentic soy sauce.