If your blood sugar level is not within the normal blood glucose range you are at higher risk of developing short-term and long-term complications. Normal blood sugar levels depend on when the test was taken

. Accuracy of blood sugar levels depend upon high quality diabetes packages and testing supplies and use of the correct technique when using them. The diabetes testing supplies needed depend upon your type of diabetes, your goals in maintaining normal blood sugar level and the recommendations of your health care provider.

A type 1 diabetic requires insulin as do many type 2 diabetics. Diabetics taking insulin require syringes and needles or an insulin pump and insulin for administration. Supplies important to the results of the testing may also include an insulated or cooled container for insulin transport, a container to dispose of needles, and the correct insulin or combination of insulin.

Recording of blood sugar levels can be done in a log book where blood sugar levels are recorded along with time of day and the kind and amount of insulin administered. These same records need to be kept if one is on an oral medication rather than insulin.

Diabetic testing supplies needed may different depending upon the age of the diabetic and the situation. Recommendations for a woman with diabetes trying to become pregnant will differ from that of a male of similar age. As target blood sugar level ranges vary, recommended diabetic testing supplies may differ.