If you have a signal issue only in certain rooms at home or office then Netgear WiFi Extender is the right choice for you. Extender is a useful electronics device that helps computers or laptops maintain stronger wireless signals by taking in signals from existing wifi routers and remitting them. Wifi Extenders help you cut down the impact of obstructions that may impact your wireless connection. WiFi extenders are easy to install and setup. There are some simple steps that you should follow to setup wifi range extender. 

Before you start setting up your Netgear extender, make sure it is in the same room as that of your home router. You also require a workable home wifi network. It is also important that you have more than two internet browser installed on your computer or laptop. Setup of extender is little different from device to device, so carefully read instruction manual.

Instructions For Netgear Extender Setup:

  1. Plug in your Netgear WiFi Range Extender and wait until it turns ON.
  2. Connect the wIfi extender with your default wifi device.
  3. Connect to the WiFi range extender’s home network .
  4. Open web browser in your desktop or laptop.
  5. Go to default mywifiext login webpage and provide the same username and password.
  6. Select the network you wish to extend and press next button.
  7. Complete your Netgear wifi  range extender setup process by clicking on the End button.