Capalaba printers

When it comes to a printer, you may be aware of its capability. For instance; printing images, documents and other paperwork is what the printer is capable of. However, there’s more as there are things you may not be aware of what your printer is capable of. Here are a few things.

  1. Download Apps – There are a few apps printers are capable of downloading. This feature is usually seen in newer models that are able to download apps. For example; monthly calendars and crosswords are some of the apps printers are able to download. At the moment, there are limited apps but app developers are working on coming up with new apps soon in the future.
  2. Save Ink – You must be aware of the fact that ink cartridges are one of the biggest and most expensive accessories. In order to save on ink, there is a feature called “draft mode” which allows us to save more on the ink. Head over to settings and turn this mode and you see more savings on the ink.
  3. Make Magnets – Promotional magnets can be printed by your printer just by sitting at home. All you need to do is invest in magnet paper from an office supply store, head home and then print the magnet based on your printer’s settings.
  4. Back up Files – Storage capacities and dedicated SD card slots are seen in printers. This feature allows you to store files and documents and then print them if required in the future.

These are just a handful of things your printers in Capalaba region can do.