There was a proposed law in the year 2013 that would have been able to stop the false advertisement of plumbing services to consumers by plumbers who weren't licensed, but the bill did not get passed. The reason why it didn't pass was due to the fact that no one other than people who were cheating had any concern about the legislation.

The plumbing industry is subject to regulations that are regulated in Surrey. Plumbing work is only done by people who have an experience certificate; that is, authorization. There are some companies that provide drains services in Surrey.

Ineffective plumber licensing compliance In Surrey is transforming a skilled and licensed profession into a scam for commercial purposes, costing the consumers as well as skilled craftsmen a lot of money.

Through the years, there's been a concerted effort from individuals who aren't in the plumbing industry to break the law that limits individuals from engaging in the business. The assault on the plumber and plumbing contractor can be seen from many sources.

A plumber's license is a result of years of studies, a certificate of training, and official authorization to practice a controlled profession. A dictionary definition of license states that it is "an authority granted by a competent authority to conduct the field of work or engage in any activity that is illegal". A license prohibits other people by the law.

The plumbing industry today is being attacked by those who want to engage in the plumbing business without the required license. The unfortunate thing is that there's been little opposition from the people who have particularly affected i.e. plumbers who are licensed or plumbing contractors, homeowners, and homeowners.